Vault Migration

Migration Reason

GMD Protocol team was notified by GMX team about their new update of GLPRouter and GLPManager contracts. As a result, we had to migrate to a new vault contract to accommodate these changes.
(If you are currently already staking your funds at, then disregard this message, as you have already staked into the new pools)

Migration Timeline:

The migration will happen on December 5th. Another article on how specifically to migrate will come out closer to the date. Users WILL HAVE TO MANUALLY MIGRATE the staked vault assets to avoid losing funds.
Note: While upgrading the vaults, our team has identified that the medium issue in the audit was incorrect and notified the auditors. Hence, the issue has been removed. Please check the audit at:​

Migration Completed:

All of the funds from old Vault Contracts have been migrated into up-to-date Vaults as of December December 25th, 2023.