Delta-Neutral Ratio

Pseudo-Delta-Neutral Ratio

Utilizing Pseudo-Delta-Neutral Ratio means the deposited single-stake assets (USDC, ETH, or BTC) will be allocated and adjusted to the exact same weight as GLP’s composition for USDC, ETH, and BTC.
=> These 3 assets (USDC, ETH, and BTC) will be used to mint $GLP and earn yields from $GLP yields.

Satisfying Pseudo-Delta-Neutrality

For instance, excluding the value of smaller assets (Link, Uni...), GLP consists of about 50% stables, 33% ETH, and 17% BTC.
=> In that case, a vault of $1,000,000 in asset value will consist precisely of $500,000 USDC, $330,000 worth of ETH, and $170,000 worth of BTC.
=> This would satisfy our pseudo-delta-neutral ratio.