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Vaults Capabilities

Despite once having to go through the migration process, GMD Delta-Neutral Vaults now possess the following capabilities:

1. Dynamic deposit fees:

Allowing for higher deposit fees when there’s a higher demand for certain assets and lower deposit fees for the assets with lower demands. This further help balance the vaults assets ratio according to GLP's ratio.

2. 100% liquid vaults:

With the 15-minute restriction for burning GLP removed from the new GLProuter contract, we can now allow for withdrawals at any time.
That being said, this change might affect the vault’s performance as the assets ratio will vary more significantly over time. GMD Team will be conducting more active management actions to accommodate for any resulting changes.

3. VAULTS APY > 17%:

Vaults assets APY can now be > 17%, as we will remove the APY restriction from the contracts. During high fees week similar such as when GLP yield was 50%, APY for vaults can now go to any possible height.

4. Vaults performances tracking:

We have fixed some issues with data tracking. The new vault launch will also come with a Dune Dashboard and a separate GMD Stats Page on our website, where users can easily monitor the vaults' performance in real-time.