#RealYield Revenue Sources

Real Yield Revenue Sources

GMD Protocol will earn Real Yield Revenue in ETH from the following sources:
  • The protocol will compound half of the ETH rewards of GLP from Delta-Neutral Vaults, while the other half will be collected as performance fees/protocol revenue and distributed to $GMD stakers in WETH.
  • $GMD earns WETH rewards from the GLP in GMD Reserve
  • $GMD also earns fees collected through protocol-owned liquidity, which will be converted to WETH and distributed.

Real-Yield APR Sample Calculation

Assuming total single-stake TVL of $1,000,000. $GMD APR will be:
  • At 20% APR from GLP, we compound a part for the Delta-Neutral Vaults. Let's use 50% for this example => 10% compounded. The other half is collected for $GMD Stakers. As a result, $100,000 a year will be collected for $GMD stakers.
  • $200,000 worth of reserve in GLP earns another $40,000 a year.
  • Assume protocol-owned liquidity collects $50,000 a year (an extremely conservative 35% apr on the lp)
  • The team plans to take 30% of total performance fees
=> The total revenue is 100,000 + 40,000 + 50,000 = $190,000 a year
=> GMD$ earns about $133,000 after performance fees. Assuming 10,000 tokens staked at $50, $GMD earns approximately 27% APR. Our treasury is also making ~~ about 8000 - 10000$ weekly.
(We are using extremely conservative numbers for the sake of this calculation only)