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Launch Details

The GND protocol is launching the sale on GMD launchpad on April 24, followed by the liquidity launch on either April 25 or 26. The dApp will be launched a few hours after the liquidity launch.

Here are some key details of the launch:

Launchpad Details: The launchpad will have a 3:2 ratio of GND to xGND. The price of GND during the launchpad will be $70.
Priority Sale: There will be a priority sale with a total raise of 690,000, which will last for 24 hours. If the priority sale does not fill the cap, a public sale will happen.
Maximum Allocation: For every GMU/esGMD/RP staked, there will be a maximum allocation of $50.
The launchpad and liquidity launch are important events for the GND protocol, as they will enable community members to participate in the growth and development of the ecosystem. The priority sale provides an opportunity for early supporters to get involved in the project at a discounted rate, while the public sale will be open to all.
The maximum allocation ensures that everyone has a fair chance to participate, regardless of the size of their stake. Overall, the launch is an exciting time for the GND community, and it marks an important step towards the long-term success of the protocol.