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Burning GND with xGND

The use of xGND can incentivise burning of GND in the following ways:

1. xGND Redemptions

When converting xGND to GND, if the vesting duration isn't the maximum, the xGND:GND ratio will be lower than 1:1, down to a minimum of 1:0.5. All of the GND excess will automatically be burned.
For instance, if a user redeems 1000 xGND with the 20 days vesting duration, he will obtain a 1:0.5 ratio, and receive 500 GND in the end.
=> That means a total of 1000 - 500 = 500 GND will be burned during the process.

2. xGND Deallocations

When XGND is staked, a deposit tax is applied. It can vary between contracts, but will usually be 2%.
=> The corresponding GND amount will automatically be burned.