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Max Supply: 100,000 Tokens

GND will be distributed in the following ways:
  • Community: 18,000 Tokens (10,000 in GND, 8,000 in xGND)
  • Liquidity: 10,000 GND
  • Treasury: 15,000 xGND (Will be used for partnerships, OTC swaps, bribes...)
  • Farm incentives for GND FARM: Tokens will be emitted at a rate of 10,000 GND and 30,000 xGND per year. Daily, this will be 27.5 GND and 82.5xGND.
  • This does not mean the emission will stop after 1 year. Emissions will continue at the above rate until the 100,000k max supply is reached.
  • Emissions will continue to be enabled as long as the supply is less than 100,000
  • Development Team: 15,000 xGND distribute over 1 year