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Voting Mechanism

Voting for Pools:

xGND stakers can vote for their preferred pool to direct emissions in the GND FARM. This means that stakers can influence the allocation of GND tokens generated by the protocol's farming activity to the pool of their choice. This is an important aspect of the protocol's governance mechanism, as it allows community members to have a say in the direction of the protocol.

Partnered Protocol Influence:

Partnered protocols can increase their voting power by doing treasury swaps or OTC purchases. This means that protocols that partner with GND and hold xGND can use their influence to direct emissions to the pool they prefer. This incentivizes collaborations and partnerships with the GND protocol, which can lead to more growth and development of the ecosystem.

Single Pool Voting:

Each wallet can only vote for one pool.

Automatic Vote Updating:

Votes are automatically updated if a staker stakes more or unstakes their xGND. This ensures that the voting power of xGND stakers is always up-to-date and reflects their current holdings.

Encouraging Voting for GND and GMUSD pools:

The GND team encourages xGND stakers to vote for the GND or GMUSD pools to promote the overall health of the GND token. This is because these pools are important for the stability and growth of the GND ecosystem. However, stakers are free to vote for their preferred pool, and the final decision is up to the community.


The GND protocol's voting mechanism is designed to promote community participation and decentralization in the governance of the protocol. It provides a way for community members to have a say in the direction of the protocol, while also incentivizing partnerships and collaborations with other protocols.