#RealYield Revenue Sources

Like other protocols on Arbitrum, our main goal is to bring real yield to GND ecosystems, netting positively for xGND holders. Hence, we are committed to battling the greatest challenge of farms: Inflation.

Yield > Inflation:

With protocols that have token incentives/ liquidity mining programs, real yield is achieved when yield > inflation or when inflation is negated through deflationary mechanisms. We aim to do that through the following sources of revenue:

Our team at GND Protocol only intends to build a sustainable protocol with a sustainable, yet significantly rewarding revenue sources for our investors.

GND Protocol will earn Real Yield Revenue in $gDAI and $gmUSD from the following sources:

  1. 1.
    gmUSD arbitrage: As the sole minter/redeemer of gmUSD, GND protocol will arbitrage the premium on market as people buy/sell using their gmdUSDC or gDAI.
  2. 2.
    Uniswap v3 trading fees of protocol owned liquidity: Similar to GMD, GND protocol will distribute the fees gained through people trading GND on uniswap v3.
  3. 3.
    Uniswap v3 fees from pairs on liquidity engine: Similar to other AMMs that collect trading fees, we will collect trading fees on our uniswap v3 pairs on the liquidity engine as revenue. We are different from other farms in the sense that concentrated liquidity will generate significantly more volume and thus more fees than regular AMMs. Also, since univ3 pairs accrue 100% of fees, we don’t have to share any with Uniswap. In short, we are benefitting 100% from traders on uniswap v3 without a need for our own AMM.